The role of Vitamin D in upper respiratory infections

Ok, so we don’t know the direct effect of taking vitamin D supplements on Coronavirus Covid-19; it’s too soon for that. BUT……..there is good evidence for the role of vitamin D in immunity, particularly in relation to upper respiratory infections. Seeing as Covid-19 is a form of respiratory infection, and in order to fight viruses we need an efficient immune system, it makes sense to take vitamin D as a precautionary back up.
In the Youtube link below, Dr John Campbell explains the role of vitamin D in improving immunity and reducing respiratory infections. Worth watching the whole video and checking out more of his channel.
As with taking any new supplement, please follow the recommended dose – it is NOT a case of more is better.

If you are on other medications and not sure if they will negatively interact with vitamin D, check with your local pharmacist or GP, over the phone (not in person of course!).