Osteopathic degree training

For anyone wondering about the training I had to complete to qualify and register as an osteopath……..

I completed a 4 year full time degree, which included 1500 hours of supervised clinic experience, treating real human beings. The subjects we covered (some in vast detail) included;-

Anatomy, physiology, neurology, peripheral mechanics, spinal mechanics, soft tissue and osteopathic technique, psychology, nutrition & dietetics, pharmacology, clinical and osteopathic diagnosis, exercise prescription, human dissection, pain management, orthopaedic testing, x-ray and MRI interpretation, naturopathy and osteoapthic principles. I still feel like there’s something missing from this list!

We also completed in the region of 50-75 practical assessments over the 4 years.

Every year I continue to learn and update my knowledge and skills, doing at least 30 hours (often more like 50) of continuing professional development. In fact 2020 ended up being nearer to 150 hours due to my lifestyle diploma.

This might appear like bragging, but it is to highlight the intensity and breadth of training required to earn the title ‘Osteopath’.

It’s a shame as a profession, we are still seen by many as ‘alternative’, when we are actually allied healthcare professionals, and part of primary care.

But more importantly than all the subjects we learnt, we have a keen interest and desire to help people (some treat animals too) and really care about the wellbeing of our patients.