Weight Loss Coaching

For a lot of people, losing weight can make a huge difference to their general health and reduce the risks of many major chronic diseases.

Losing weight can be incredibly challenging and there are often engrained habits as well as psychological reasons behind the way people eat and the what they weigh.

By approaching weight loss more holistically and from a place of self compassion, results tend to be more longer lasting. I do not believe in gimmicks, weird supplements or strict regimes.

I promote healthy eating principles, with a focus on good quality nutrition and paced behaviour change, rather than a focus on calories and will power.

Through more of a coaching approach you decide what matters to you and how you want to go about things, with me to guide, support and educate where necessary.

If you are getting stuck and want to lose weight with someone by your side, do get in touch for that extra support.

Weight loss coaching 1 hour = £60

Weight loss coaching 30 minutes = £40

Face to face appointments can be weekdays or Saturdays. Phone appointments can be weekdays or evenings.