Sciatica is condition whereby the sciatic nerve running from your low back/buttock area to your feet can become irritated or compressed. This can cause pain in your low back and into the back of your leg and/or foot. The pain tends to be sharp or burning in nature and is often accompanied by tingling, and maybe numbness and weakness in the leg and/or foot.

I regularly see cases of sciatica and Osteopathic treatment can speed up your recovery by reducing pressure around your sciatic nerve. Treatment also improves movement of other areas of your spine that may have tightened up in response to the sciatic pain.

Using various hands on techniques I can release overly tight back muscles and joints. I can give you some simple exercises to get your back stronger, more mobile and more comfortable. Hot and/or cold packs and pain killers or anti-inflammatory tablets can help take the edge off the pain.

THOROUGH AND CARING PROFESSIONAL SERVICE I have been a patient of Louise Mallender’s for almost three years after suffering a disc problem in my back. Louise is professional, thorough and caring in the service she provides. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Louise to anybody, whether for a specific problem or for general well-being and ‘maintenance’.

Sarah W, Needham Market