Poor Posture

At home or work

Poor posture can not only contribute to a number of aches and pains, but also to reduced lung function and digestion. A slumped over posture begins to compress the internal organs, slowing their blood flow and efficiency. This slumped posture also causes certain muscles and ligaments to work harder than they should. Other muscles may also not be working as much as they should. Some areas of the neck or back can be put under unnecessary strain leading to pain and other symptoms over time.

Correcting poor posture

Through examination and enquiry regarding your work station, desk/table arrangement at home and any other work or hobby based stations, I can highlight aspects of your posture that would benefit from improvement or change. As well as describing their work or home layouts, I often encourage patients to take photos so we can discuss improvements need to be made. Simple changes such as altering your screen position or changing your chair height can make a big difference. This is important when you spend several hours a day in that position.

Sleeping posture can also make a difference and I also give advice to my patients, regarding types of beds/mattresses and pillows.

For most activities or positions there are better and worse postures. Often it’s a case of helping patients to find a particular change to their layout/equipment or posture that suits them. Each patient is unique and I do not use a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Various osteopathic techniques can help you to change or improve your posture. These include neck and spine mobilisations, and stretching out your shoulders, hips and abdomen to help you to achieve a more upright and balanced position.

With the best posture and office chair etc. in the world, what is so, so important is regular movement. Ideally every 20-30 minutes. This helps our blood to flow, reduces fatigue in the muscles and stops us seizing up.

Fantastic, friendly and professional service

Louise always takes time to listen and is very thorough in her approach. I always leave feeling lighter and relaxed.

Suzanne S, Trimley St Martin