Neck related headaches

Headaches are a relatively common complaint, and depending on the cause, my treatment can help.

Common causes of headaches

Some of the more common causes of headaches include tension coming from the neck and shoulder muscles, dehydration, eye strain and hormonal influences. Stress is quite a common factor in many cases too. If you are coming to see me about your headaches, I will ask you about how much water you drink. Also, whether you are up to date with eye tests and/or glasses prescriptions. These possible causes are relatively easy to correct or rule out. In the likely event you headaches are vision related I will advise that you see you optician.

Treatment for headaches

If we feel a musculo-skeletal cause is behind your headaches, then I will apply treatment to your neck and back and any other areas that could be contributing. Suggestions regarding your posture, desk arrangement and simple exercises may be given. Advice regarding other lifestyle factors that may be affecting your headaches can be provided. Hands on treatment can involve massage of the neck, shoulder and back muscles. Improving movement of the neck and spinal joints, using joint manipulations and stretching can bring about a release of excess tension or imbalance. Often a headache diary is useful to reflect back on to see if the frequency/intensity of the headaches changes over time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you suddenly develop a very severe and debilitating headache, see your GP as soon as possible before consulting an Osteopath.

In the case of a severe headache following significant trauma to the head or concussion, visit your local A & E department as a matter of urgency.

I first visited Louise about 3 years ago as I was getting regular and very painful headaches. She worked her magic and cured that problem. I have been visiting her regularly ever since and I can not recommend her highly enough!

Nico C, Needham Market