Mobilise & Stretch Exercise Class

This class is my own blend of exercises, designed to get all our joints moving and muscles stretched out, thus improving flexibility and mobility.

Included are some gentle aerobic and warming up exercises, several self joint mobilisations, basic stretches (both dynamic and static) for all the main muscle groups, some balance work, and ending with a deep breathing and relaxation phase. There are some yoga related poses, but this is not a yoga class.

You will hopefully leave feeling energised and yet calmer and relaxed at the same time.

Classes take place in the main hall at Needham Market Community Centre on Fridays, 10-11am.

Term time only. There is plenty of free parking available at the community centre.

You will need to bring an exercise mat, a drink, and a small cushion.

Classes are £8 each, payable by cash or online.

All adult ages and fitness levels are welcome.