Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is becoming increasingly more relevant and crucial to the future of our healthcare.

Looking after our own health and well being is something that we are hearing and thinking about much more these days.

Our lifestyle choices can either significantly improve our physical and mental health, or they can significantly reduce it. Which way we go is up to us. But sometimes it’s difficult to know how and where to start, especially if you find yourself in ‘a bit of rut’ or ‘viscous circle’.

Lifestyle Medicine Consultations

That is where my lifestyle medicine consultations can really help to get you on the right track. By making the commitment to yourself to begin positive change and keeping yourself accountable for your own future, I can help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

I use a very client centred, coaching approach as this has proved very successful in the world of behaviour change .

The key areas that I offer help and support with are nutrition, physical activity, sleep management, stress management, reducing or stopping smoking/alcohol, and weight loss.

Sometimes you may need the additional help of other health professionals or support groups, alongside your sessions with myself.

I do not have any involvement with your medications. You are advised to continue with all other current medical and healthcare courses of treatment, whilst receiving lifestyle consultations.

The beauty of lifestyle medicine is that you are only ever making changes that will ultimately benefit your general health and well being. If I feel that there is any risk to anything that you are proposing to do, or that you need signposting to other practitioners or services, I will be clear and honest about this.

Your goals will be decided on and set by you, based on what matters and what is relevant to you. We work together at your pace, in a non-judgmental environment, celebrating your successes (or challenges) along the way. Your sessions will not involve me pushing you into doing things you don’t want to do, jumping in to ‘fix your problems’ for you, or telling you what to do. I provide a safe space for you to find your own solutions. At the end of the day, YOU know better than I, what works for you and what your priorities are.

I particularly love watching people’s own solutions unfold in front of their eyes and how the coaching process ‘unravels’ their thoughts and ideas for them.

I manage a Facebook page about Lifestyle Medicine. Please feel free to follow it for useful tips and information.

Your initial lifestyle coaching session will last 1 hour. There is quite a lot to cover and this time is needed.

Subsequent sessions can be 30 minutes. The greater your progress, the more we space your sessions out.

Some clients find that as they get nearer to reaching their goals and changes are well established, then ‘check in’ sessions lasting around 15 minutes can be sufficient.

1 hour = £60

30 minutes = £40

15 minutes. = £20

“I approached Louise because, although I successfully achieve professional deadlines, I wanted to change my approach to meeting them.

I met virtually with Louise over a number of weeks in the lead up to a specific deadline that was worrying me and effecting my personal life. Louise listened and understood my worries exactly. She gave me the tools to help me meet my goal within the deadline. Checking in with Louise every few weeks ensured I stayed on track and helped me manage my feelings and attitude towards the impending end goal, culminating in a successful outcome!

My coaching sessions with Louise have benefited me greatly and I would highly recommend her services. ”

Sarah P, Stowmarket

“Louise has helped me to attain a longstanding goal.  I contacted her to see if she could help me to lose some weight. Not a lot but enough to make a big difference to me.  

Louise was understanding from the start, well informed and provided great motivation and assistance in getting me to my goal.  She understood well the importance of  acknowledgement and assisted me in finding the continued motivation to reach my target

She was always warm and kind, non-judgemental or pushy but skilled and competent in her assistance.  A big thank you to her.”

Pamel H, Sudbury

If you feel that you could benefit from lifestyle medicine consultations, please call me on 01449 678250 or 07789935190.