Back And Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are both very common problems, that are thought to affect at least 80% of the population at some point in their lives. The majority of cases of neck or back pain are not serious, but can cause significant pain, disability and inconvenience. These factors can cause a reduced quality of life.

Common causes of back and neck pain

The causes of back pain are many, and in most cases it is a multifactoral scenario. Often several different factors have been building up over time until a final additional stressor/change tips the balance. At this point the body can no longer cope or compensate adequately. This can be the point that symptoms start to occur. For example postural and genetic influences followed by work related stress, family problems or poor sleep. Or in some cases, a combination of all of those factors!

How I can help

I see many patients in my clinic with neck and/or back pain and am able to help the vast majority of them by improving the movement and function of their spine. Hands on treatment often includes joint mobilisation, stretching, massage and fine tuning/balancing of the tissues to bring a release of excess tension. Suggesting changes they can make at home and/or in the workplace, together with a few simple home exercises can also aid recovery and reduce the amount of repeated episodes. It is very important to remain active during episodes of back or neck pain, but activity may have to be modified in line with what is manageable and tolerable.

Just as importantly I aim to provide you with reassurance that you will be okay and when appropriate, encourage you to get back to doing what you need/want to do.

Within my screening processes and examination I look out for anything that may require further tests or treatment beyond my remit and advise accordingly.

I have being going to Louise for five years now and find her very friendly, informative and professional. I have a physical job which sometimes puts a lot of strain on my body. Louise deals with all the aches, pains, and occasional injuries brilliantly. I would highly recommend her.

Tanya C, Needham Market