Your First Treatment

Taking a case history

At the beginning of your first consultation, I will take a detailed medical history. I will ask you about the symptoms or specific issue you are seeking help with. We will discuss what you do at home and/or at work, previous illnesses, operations, medications and hobbies. Of particular interest to myself (and probably you) is the impact your symptoms are having on your work or personal life. Also, what is important to you in terms of function and quality of life. For example, a patient may be desperate to get back to playing golf, or need to be more mobile to look after their elderly mother. This is your opportunity to tell me what matters to you and what you would like to get out of your course of treatment.

During the medical history, I am also screening for anything that may need more urgent medical attention.

As osteopaths, we are trained to recognise signs or symptoms that may indicate a more serious medical problem. If I have any concerns about anything you have mentioned I will advise that you see your GP.

Any patient is welcome to bring someone with them to any of their appointments; whether it be for reassurance, physical assistance or due to communication issues.

Please note: it is a legal requirement for any patient under 16 to be accompanied by a parent, carer or guardian.


After your case history I will begin an examination, which involves looking at your standing and sitting postures. I also observe you doing simple movements, such as reaching up or bending to one side etc. To give me further information I will use my hands to feel the quality and texture of various tissues, such as muscles and joints. Looking for excess tension or altered joint movement.

Other tests may be necessary. For example, taking your blood pressure or checking your reflexes.

I will then provide a diagnosis, and together we can agree on the best way forward. I aim to offer an approach that is realistic, manageable and tailored towards your needs and expectations.

Your treatment

Provided it is safe and appropriate to treat you, I can begin treatment immediately. Some of the hands on treatment will involve gentle joint movements, massage and stretching. A post treatment test of mobility often reveals improved range of motion, with less pain than before.

To aid your progress and give you control over your recovery, I will suggest simple changes to make at home or work, as well as 1 or 2 exercises to help things along.

Possible side effects of treatment

It is common and harmless to have some soreness or stiffness for 1-3 days following treatment. Other side effects may include tiredness over the next 24 hours, but you can generally carry on as normal. It is recommended to avoid strenuous activity for a couple of days if possible.

If at any point after your treatments you have any concerns or queries, please call me on 01449 678250 or 07789935190.

Follow up appointments

At your second appointment (and any other subsequent appointments), we will discuss how you have been getting on since your previous treatment. We will discuss what has been better or easier for you and what it is that you may still be finding difficult or uncomfortable. I will carry out a quick examination and testing similar to your first visit and recommend a continued course of action. Further hands on treatment, together with additional advice, reassurance and exercises will be provided.

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