Training and Regulation

BSc (Hons) Osteopathic Medicine

During my 4 year full time degree I completed a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised clinical practice. Subject areas covered throughout my training included anatomy, physiology, neurology, diagnosis, naturopathy, soft tissue and Osteopathic techniques. In addition we studied pharmacology, psychology, exercise prescription, peripheral mechanics, dissection, dietetics and nutrition.

Each year, I keep up to date with current protocol and research, expand my knowledge base and learn new skills. This involves completing a minimum of 30 hours of continuing professional development (CPD).

I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council and am a member of the Institute of Osteopathy.

The title ‘Osteopath’ is protected by law. In the UK it is illegal for anyone to call themselves an Osteopath unless they are registered with our governing body, the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). The GOsC are concerned with the regulation and promotion of high standards of safety, conduct and competence of all registered Osteopaths.

To find out more about the General Osteopathic Council, please visit

The Institute of Osteopathy (IO) are primarily a source of support and information for registered Osteopaths. They are actively involved in the promotion of the osteopathic profession.

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Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine (Dip BSLM)

In October 2020, I completed a diploma in Lifestyle Medicine with the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM). Alongside being a registered osteopath, I am also a certified lifestyle medicine practitioner.

To see some of the fantastic work the BSLM are doing in their efforts to re frame healthcare, do take a look at their website.

Weight Loss Specialist

In May 2022, I completed my weight loss specialist (WLS) certificate with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

This has provided me with an in-depth understanding the physiology and psychology behind weight gain and loss, together with the coaching skills to help you through your weight loss journey.

Level 5 Diploma in Nutrition

In April 2023, I achieved my diploma in Nutrition with Diet Specialist, who are recognised by the Association for Nutrition (AfN).

The diploma helped me to consolidate and add to my existing nutritional knowledge, as well as enhancing my passion to help people improve their health through better food choices.

A genuine professional
Over a period of many years Louise Mallender has treated me for a variety of muscular aches and pains , all of which she has successfully  relieved me of much discomfort. In addition to this treatment her pleasant and courteous demeanor is always present, which culminates in a very relaxed atmosphere . I have and would recommend Louise to anyone seeking help or guidance in respect to these types of injuries and strains.

 Tim P, Suffolk