My ‘experiment’ with a low sugar regime

My ‘experiment’ with a low sugar regime

Not quite an experiment as such and was very much intended as a longer term lifestyle change.

So before the Christmas period I had spent a few weeks on a much lower sugar eating plan than I had been on for a while. 

I was doing this for health reasons as well as not liking the feeling of being a bit ‘addicted’ to sugar or relying on it on a daily basis.

Sugar is know to contribute towards inflammation (which is a driver in many cancers and other chronic diseases) and so to my mind, the less we have of it, the better! 

I was not completely rigid about it and therefore it was a ‘low sugar’ regime and not a ‘no sugar’ one. I still enjoyed the odd cup of hot chocolate, fruit and dried fruit and did not get too precious about adding sauces and condiments to my meals. However, nearly all chocolate, biscuits, cake, ice cream, sweets were banned!

These were my main findings/experiences, some of which where expected, some were more of a bonus or surprise.

Not everyone responds the same way and so you may have a totally different experience to me, should you wish to try going low sugar.

  • After the first few days (which are the hardest), my sweet tooth declined quite a bit. This helped me to maintain the change.
  • I slept a bit better (didn’t need the loo in the night) as often.
  • My whole appetite reduced and calmed down, particularly in terms of the wanting to pick at food later in the evening, which is where people often prevent their intended weight loss. I will just point out that I was not looking to lose weight as I am not overweight, but am reporting what could be a happy side effect for those that are trying to lose weight.
  • The bloating around my not at all hourglass shape improved – enough that some older favourite pairs of trousers fitted once again 😉
  • It simplified shop visits – I just walked right past all the confectionary, biscuits etc as I wasn’t having any of it.
  • I felt ‘cleaner’ and less stogged up, maybe a bit more energy too?……
  • Now this is the weird one that I wasn’t expecting…… hair became softer, shinier and less greasy! I had not changed my hair products or done anything different to my hair at all.
  • I generally felt better in myself and enjoyed the knowledge that I’m not ‘inflaming’ my body or irritating my gut in the way that refined sugar foods can create.

Needless to say it went a bit out the window over Christmas, but as of today, I’m returning to my low sugar plan and hope to remain on it (until the next holiday period). Haha!

I would love to hear about what you notice from going low sugar for a month (or longer!).

Best wishes


Image by Mae Mu via Unsplash