Lifestyle Medicine Consultations

Lifestyle Medicine Consultations

I am really pleased to tell you that in October 2020 I achieved a diploma in Lifestyle Medicine with the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. This gives me the title of certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, as well as continuing to practice as an osteopath.

Helping my patients with areas of their lifestyle is something I have always done within Osteopathic practice. But now I have more in depth, official and recent evidence based period of study behind me. This in turn, will equip me to provide Lifestyle Medicine consultations as a stand alone treatment. So for those that don’t or no longer need the hands on role of an osteopath, I can help you with many beneficial changes.

Areas that I can help you with are:-

Nutrition, physical activity, reducing/cessation of alcohol/smoking, stress management, sleeping difficulties, and weight loss.

Using a patient centered approach, I can coach you through your health and lifestyle goals, supporting you all the way.

Lifestyle medicine consultations can very easily be carried out over the phone, saving you time and travel expense. If you are clinically vulnerable in any way, phone appointments provide safety and reassurance.

I really look forward to assisting you on your personal journey, when you feel the time is right to make those positive and life changing things happen!