Lifestyle Change Support Group

Lifestyle Change Support Group

This group is all about providing peer support together with a health coaching approach for those wishing to improve their physical and mental health.

I am there to facilitate, encourage, promote evidence based ideas and suggestions, along with meeting each person where they are at on the well being journey.

We meet every Tuesday evening at Cedars Park Community Centre. There is ample free parking and the centre is well presented and welcoming.

The group runs from 6.30-8pm and costs £15 per person, per session. Payment can be made either by cash or online.

Following joining the group, we can keep in contact via a WhatsApp group and I and also able to respond to private messages as and when.

The sorts of areas we will be looking at include weight loss, healthy eating, managing stress, getting more active, reducing/stopping alcohol or smoking, and activities that can help our mental well being.

We will also zoom in on more specific topics within these general areas. For example foods to improve mood, reducing osteoporosis risk, the benefits of journalling, and so on……..

This group provides the support and opportunity to get healthier and feel better for those that are either finding lifestyle change very challenging and/or struggling to do it on their own.

Please reach out to me (Louise) on 07789935190 or 01449 678250, or email for more information or to join our lifestyle change support group.