A number of changes to my practice and the way I operate have been implemented to bring the risk of Covid-19 infection as low as possible. I have a strict screening protocol in place and am following all relevant guidelines provided by Public Health England (PHE), NHS England, my professional and governing bodies, and my insurers. Thorough cleaning and decontamination procedures are carried out before and after every patient and all correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is worn by myself. Patients are required to wear their own mask or face covering also.
It is impossible to bring the level of risk down to zero, but I am confident that I am doing what I can to keep any risks as low as possible.
Osteopathic treatment is generally fairly gentle and in tune with what your body needs. Sometimes patients may experience some degree of discomfort or a stretching feeling during techniques. Some can actually experience a great sense of relaxation and report that they feel they could go to sleep!

At any time, you can request that the treatment is altered to reduce any discomfort that you are not happy with.
No. Anyone can self refer themselves to me at any time, and I can often see patients within a few days, sometimes on the same day of initial contact!

Occasionally some health insurance companies require a GP referral. Please check with your health insurers prior to booking an appointment.
With your dignity in mind, I offer that women can wear or bring in either tracksuit bottoms, shorts or leggings. Also a full coverage bra or sports crop top/vest top is recommended.

Men can wear or bring in shorts of tracksuit bottoms. Essentially, clothing that is stretchy and that will comfortably allow examination and treatment to take place.

Unless medically exempt, all patients will be required to wear a mask or face covering for the duration of the appointment.

If you are on a list of medications please bring them along or make a mental note of what they are. If you have any x-ray or scan reports to hand I am always interested to see these. A copy is often useful to add to your Osteopathic notes.
Yes absolutely.
All aspects of your appointment with me will be completely confidential. As an osteopath I have a strict code of confidentiality to adhere to. In line with current general data protection guidelines (GDPR), I follow a specific protocol when it comes to data collection and usage. Further details relating to GDPR can be found on my privacy notice; both on this website and in a paper version at my clinic.

In the event of other parties needing to see your osteopathic notes, such as other medical practitioners or for the purposes of an insurance claim, your permission will be obtained first.
That will depend on several factors.

For example, how long the problem/symptoms have been going on, your general state of health, what sort of support network you have at home/work, and how compliant you are with the advice I give you.

Some people only need a couple of treatments, whereas some need many more and over a longer period of time.

Generally the better your progress is, the longer the gap between appointments. A lot of my patients reach a point when they just book in as and when they feel they need to.

If I have a patient that is showing no improvement or actually getting worse, then I will recommend that they see their GP for possible further investigations.
Yes. I’m more than happy for any patient to bring someone with them. Especially if it puts them more at ease or means that communication and understanding is enhanced.

PLEASE NOTE: For patients under 16 years of age, it is a legal requirement that they are accompanied by a parent, guardian or main caregiver.
Yes. You should be able to continue with your day as normal after your treatment. I do however, advise that you take the rest of the day a little easier. Also try to avoid strenuous activity, just to allow your body to settle. If you have any concerns about what you can or can’t do following your treatment, please ask me before you leave the clinic.
Yes, there is free parking available only a few paces away from the clinic.