For your reassurance

For your reassurance

The following details will hopefully reassure those of you who will be attending face to face appointments with me at my clinic

  • All linens and items that can’t be cleaned or wiped down effectively have been removed from the clinic
  • The clinic premises have been de-cluttered, removing all waiting area literature
  • I am a sole practitioner and I will be spacing treatments sufficiently, which  means that you will not be coming  into contact with anyone other than myself at the clinic
  • Aside from seeing a small number of patients per week, and the occasional brief visit to a shop (nearly all of my shopping is delivered), I am not currently coming into contact with anyone else
  • I will be wearing all the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) during your treatment as recommended by Public Health England (PHE), the NHS, my governing and professional membership bodies and indemnity insurers. My PPE has been sourced from reputable and certified suppliers
  • I will be taking online payments only, saving unnecessary handling of items within the clinic room
  • On arrival for your appointment, I will be checking your temperature using a non-contact thermometer.  Anyone presenting with a fever will be asked to reschedule their appointment for 7 days later
  • Hand gel containing at least 65% alcohol will be provided for you when you arrive and before you leave your appointment
  • I will request that all patients wear a mask or face covering for their appointment. Surgical masks can be purchased at the beginning of your treatment for £1.00
  • You will not be asked to undress as this takes extra face to face time and potentially spreads virus particles during removal and putting back on. Also, due to not being able to offer towels, I want you to keep comfortably warm for your treatment 
  • Between each patient I will be conducting a thorough clean and decontamination of the clinic. This will involve using products (that are known to be effective at destroying the Covid-19 virus) on all hard surfaces, door handles, chairs, plinth, pillows, anything else that myself or the patient may contact
  • During cleaning, windows and doors will be kept open to allow ample ventilation which furthers the reduction of potential virus particles within the premises
  • Wipeable plinth and pillow case covers are now in place, which will be cleaned after every patient
  • Ares of used carpet will be sprayed with an effective agent known to destroy the Covid-19 virus

Amongst many hours of online study, I have completed 2 online courses in relation to infection control and the wearing of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your treatment experience, please contact me directly on:-

01449 678250 or 07789935190