Emotional Wealth and Health

Emotional Wealth and Health

With emotional well being in mind, I wanted to share A valuable insight I heard whilst listening to a talk by Dr Mark Rowe. Dr Rowe is a medical doctor who specialists in positive health and lifestyle medicine……

As human beings, there are 4 main things we need for our emotional health to flourish, thus adding to our emotional wealth.

1) Someone to love

2) Something to be grateful for

3) Something useful/purposeful to do

4) Something to look forward to

Of course these are not the ONLY emotional needs we have; for example we need to be heard, have time for self care, etc, etc., but if these 4 are being covered, you are perhaps more fortunate than some others!

There will be a huge variation on what each sentence means for each person, but is a beautiful reminder and LEVELER for those days when we feel life is a bit on the rubbish side and we start to focus on what’s wrong with our lot.

No matter who you are, what you do ,what you own/have, etc , your biggest wealth can be found in these simple things listed above. Being a multi-millionaire, but missing items on this list creates a lack of emotional wealth.

Think about whether you have these 4 things in your life, and if not, how might you go about changing that?…………

Thank you for reading.