Are sugary foods/drinks inflaming your body?

Are sugary foods/drinks inflaming your body?

Yes they are!

Research suggests that a diet high in processed or refined sugars, such as the types os sugar found in sweets, biscuits, chocolate, fizzy drinks, etc, are putting your body into a state of chronic (long term) inflammation.

The way this works is that sugar stimulates the liver to produce free fatty acids. The resulting compounds from when the body digests these fatty acids, can then trigger inflammation.

One of the inflammatory markers (circulating in your blood) researchers have looked at is C-reactive protein. They found higher levels of C-reactive protein in those consuming a high sugar diet, and lower levels in those that reduced their refined sugar intake over a period of time.

Systemic (all around the body) inflammation over a prolonged period can then impact on other aspects of your health, causing gut problems, PAIN, reduced immunity, fatigue, insomnia, and can even contribute to anxiety and depression. And it doesn’t end there! A high sugar diet increases your chances of developing diabetes, becoming obese, tooth decay, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and ultimately an earlier death.

Of course sugar isn’t the only thing that contributes towards inflammation. I will be covering some of the other that factors contribute to inflammation in another article soon.

So what can we do about it?…….

Sugar is very addictive, and I’ll be the first to admit that I go through phases of eating too much of it. But what I do find when I cut it right back is that the first few days are tough, and then it becomes easier, and I begin to miss it less and less. The cravings diminish and I lose my sweet tooth.

Some people find that a B vitamin complex or magnesium supplement can help to kerb their sugar cravings. And of course being more physically active and keeping yourself occupied can take your mind off those addictive granules!

Tuning into our feelings and noticing when and what is triggering us to reach for those sugary snacks. Being fed up and p****d off tend to trigger me into wanting a sugar hit.

Perhaps up your protein intake at mealtimes to make you feel fuller for longer?…

.For all of us, reducing our sugar intake can only be a good thing, but for those with inflammatory conditions like arthritis or auto-immune diseases, I’d really recommend your reconsider your refined sugar intake to give your body the best chances possible.

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